First tutorial - Make your own dressing

Quick presentation My name is Sibel (Siboule in Sd), I'm 22 y.o and I'm french, so I can make some spelling mistakes.
I'm registered on Stardoll since 2012 and since then I'm totally addicted. This is the first time I'm a writer for a turkish blog. I am passionate about decoration from the beginning and I would devote myself exclusively to this section. My goal is simply to help the gamers to create original suites and decorations to give a new twist to your suites. I hope that my work will please you.
I created for you a dressing, it's largely made in stardollars. As usual it's a simple tuto so easy to make for everyone but you have to have the money for that.. My dressing is composed in three parts, first the shelf for the shoes then a cupboard at the bottom and then on the right a showcase recessed where one can store all his dresses for example. The video is just below. I hope you like it.

                                          So ? What do you think ?

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