The history of stardoll

The original name was, and began as a hobby of Scandinavian Liisa. Inspired by a childhood passion for paper dolls, Liisa started drawing dolls and paper companhar wardrobes. Your page quickly became popular destination for many teenagers. In 2004 with the help of her son she upgraded the site and call it Paperdoll Heaven. "Most online sites are focused on violence and competitiveness" says Liisa. "I wanted to create a positive online environment for young girls who are creative and interested in fashion, they are looking for alternatives to games" Liisa is still an important part of the Stardoll family and she makes new paper dolls new every week, you can find at
October 2004: This was the first site called Paperdoll Heaven.
•December 2004: So she had to upgrade and renovate the site, because of all the traffic it was receiving.
•February 2005: She added a 'login, search and people who just join.
• March 2005: It was when the Paperdoll Heaven changed its name to:, changed the colors too.
• April 2006: Biggest change: it was when he began to be similar to what we know today.
• July 2006: Slight change in layout, added Medolls and shop!
• December 2006: Animation Homepage added, also the 'show' at the top, cinema.
• February 2007: They acrecentaram MeDolls guys! And advertising.
• July 2007: Added clubs, different languages​​, Stardoll news, Superstar was introduced!
• October 2007: StarDesigner is introduced!
• December 2007: Layout slightly altered and added to ads outside. This month members tripled since 2006.
• July 2008: Layout changed again, and the poll scenarios were added the day.
• Janeiro de 2009 : Muda-se totalmente a HomePage , dando uma olhar mais atraente , e mostrando o que as dolls podem fazer.
• January 2009: Moved to fully HomePage, giving a more attractive look, and the dolls showing what they can do.

This story and the pictures were taken from her: Stardoll Top Designes.

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