For All Our Readers Around The World

Hello from Turkey to all Stardolls!


We are so happy you to read our writings. Even they are not English. So we decided to write for you too. We are planning to translate our shares and find new topics that you are interested. But we need your supports and opinions...

Please comment your ideas and things you want to see in blog. It is going to be a chance to connect between your and our culture. We generally write about magazine of real life and Stardoll, fashion, top 10 lists of dolls, stardoll news and our suggestions. If you want to read something else of these about stardoll, you can share with us!

That’s all for now. Please don’t forget to comment. As we said, we want you to have fun. Take care of yourself! Have a nice day.

Lots of love,
Stardoll Magazine Turkey family